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Family Law Mediator / Adoption

Find Amicable Resolutions With Family Law Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary process where the parties to a dispute are aided in their settlement negotiations by an impartial, neutral third party called the mediator. In mediation, the parties control the outcome. 

Mediation enables the parties to communicate their perceptions, feelings, and information directly to one another in a safe, controlled environment. This often reduces hostility and facilitates rational discussions. The results of mediation are not limited to the outcomes of litigation and are, therefore, often creative.

The success rate for mediation is high, since it is a voluntary process and most participants are highly motivated to reach at an agreement. It is estimated that between 80% and 85% of mediating parties reach at a full agreement. In mediation, all discussions and materials, with very few exceptions, are confidential.

Amicable resolution of your family law conflict minimizes the emotional impact of indecisions and enables you to move forward with life’s changes. That is why we focus on helping people evaluate the best approach for achieving family transitions and resolving conflicts.

Contact the Law Office of Cindy L. Thomas today for a no obligation consultation. Our skilled and empathetic attorney will offer sensitive guidance for the duration of your family law case. Due to the extensive nature of family law mediation issues and the law involved, this subject is best left to an in-depth discussion with your mediator.

Types of Adoption Placements

Adoption proceedings fall under the jurisdiction of the family division of the circuit court and are governed under the Michigan Adoption Code. The types of adoptions include:
  • Agency placement (where a child placing agency, the Department of Human Services, or the court selects prospective adoptive parents and transfers physical custody)
  • Direct placement (where a parent or guardian personally selects prospective adoptive parents; not a step-parent or related to the child within the fifth degree and transfers physical custody)
  • Step-parent
  • Guardian
  • Relative
  • Adult
Due to the extensive nature of adoption issues and the law involved, this subject is best left to an in-depth discussion with your attorney.
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